When Is the Last Time You Were Creative Gorgeous Mum?

When Is the Last Time You Were Creative Gorgeous Mum?

You know when your friend says they are buying a new car that you have never heard of and then all of a sudden you see it everywhere…this post was like that for me.

I had already written a draft post on this but was also thinking “how best I can explain this?” and then it started to appear everywhere! My sister in law said she was thinking about it …..a friend messaged me about how she craved it….I walked into a shop and there were a group of older women doing it…..and then it happened again and again and again!

When I started Integrated Nutrition and looking into all the aspects of life that makes oneself healthy, this “piece of that pie” was one of the top 3 that made me reflect the most and that is ……Creativity.

It made me ask myself:

How much Creativity do I have in my life?
On a scale of 1 to 10…where does it sit?
Do I miss it?
Do I want it?
What is it that I really want to do?

It wasn’t until this moment…this reflection….that I realised that since having children Creativity had completed dispersed from my life and how much I really needed it back.

The fact is, Women were born to create….that is what we do!
It’s in our genes, in our very cells, it’s what we are great at, what we were put on this earth to do and contribute to this life and deep down it’s what we love.

However, perhaps the biggest myth (and one I want to bust open today) is that everybody thinks that to be Creative, you need to be an Artist. You know those damn funky sexy people, in blue long overalls, turquoise jewelry bracelets, hanging out in their sheds all day painting….so cool!

But NO…..Creativity does not have to be and in 90% of cases is not that!

It can be as simple as:
Decorating a corner of your house.
Putting together your family photos.
Starting a business
Being involved with a project at your kid’s school
Taking a pottery class
Baking that cake, that you have always wanted to try but never had the time.
Starting knitting, crochet, candle making etc
Reorganising a cupboard that you always say “I have to do that one day”!

Being Creative is all about allowing yourself the space and time to remove yourself from the norm and to be taken to another place. Where all your worries and mind chatter disappears and you find yourself on a journey, where in that moment…..it’s just yourself….your hands….with your creation.

Its such a wonderfully blissful and sometimes energetic place to be, where you let the anxiety go and the calm come in.

Being Creative does amazing things for your mind, your body and your overall health and is something we MUST make time for and most of all, give ourselves permission to do. Even if it is just for a couple of hours a week or once a month…you feel different….better …I promise you that!

Now, I want you to ask yourself what is that one thing you have always wanted to do….to try…to create…but never got the chance?

Deep down you know what it is!

Right… now I want you to take that idea…… and I want you to go out and do it…..book it in….order the things you may need…. name the time……. and of course do it in complete rocking mum style!

You have my permission beautiful mum….now go!!!!!

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