New “School Term” Resolutions

New “School Term” Resolutions

Well hello there fellow “school holiday survivors”….holy moly what a 2 weeks!

I’m sorry I went a bit quiet last week, truth be told, every time I tried to set a particular time aside to work or sit down to write, it would all turn to rubbish within 2 seconds!

I started yelling at the kids, getting angry and then eventually realised that I needed to give into the school holiday regime, let go of my “list” and start afresh next week!

So here we are….Monday morning….if your like me feeling a little tired…ok….maybe a lot tired but I’ve got to say I’m also feeling excited….hopeful….like it’s New Year’s Eve!!

It’s a new term, a new season, a new stage, a new chapter…..time to shake things up a bit!

Anyone feeling that too?

I’ve come to realise that I am a person that loves a certain amount of routine in my life, it’s how I operate at my best, at the most efficient and with the most balance!

The routine is back and my resolutions are clear!

Time to change my health regime up a bit….more exercise…only a couple of glasses wine a week….more sleep….more yoga and even better food!

I want to dive into things that I never have before….and this term is the time!

So gorgeous mum, what do you want to do, what is your “new term resolution?”

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