My Favourite Chocolate

My Favourite Chocolate

Following the post “Mums and Chocolate”, and why we might be craving it more than usual, I promised to share two of my favourite chocolates so here they are’

Seriously, if you haven’t tried any of the “healthy desserts” that you see everywhere yet, these guys will convert you in a heartbeat and the contain no sugar, dairy or gluten and are actually good for you!

My favourite brand, hands down, is Pana Chocolate! This stuff is like having a nice glass of expensive wine, it’s rich, delicate and you feel like you are having something special when you unravel a piece. However they are around $6.50/$7.00 for six pieces, so they really are on the “special” table. I always buy one on the Friday, say “this is going to last me the weekend” and then nail it in one sitting….whoops!!!!

The second brand is Loving Earth.

These guys sell it more in the tradition “box of chocolate style” and it is around $7.00/$8.00 a block! Sugar, dairy and gluten free and all the packaging is biodegradable.

I always have these guys in my cupboard to use for cooking (chocolate chips), to eat, or sneak one in the kids lunchbox as a treat!

You can get them in all health shops, some IGAs and Oliviers at the service stations (Pana only).

Now for the mums who are finding that chocolate isnt agreeing with them at the moment, it’s a lot more gentle and tolerable on the body when cooked. So here are two recipes to try to satisfy your chocolate craving and see if that works better for you and your sexy bod!…/…/

Hope that helps you gorgeous ladies!

Happy Wednesday xx

PS this is me last night sneaking some chocolate in between the intervals of “get to bed…no you can not have another glass of water”….I look like a gremlin…..oh yes….the chocolate gremlin….thanks Pana X

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