Mums and Chocolate

Mums and Chocolate

Anyone craving chocolate at the moment? Yeah yeah I hear you all “I crave it everyday”, ha, ha, but I mean more than normal?

Like any food, you can go through periods of your life when it agrees with you and times when it doesn’t….cocao has been one of those foods for me!

During pregnancy I lllooovvvveeedd it, and again after my bubbas were born, but then all of a sudden it started to make me feel a little nauseous!

So I stopped it for about a year, which is actually not as bad as it sounds, lots of other lovely treats out there, and now my body has changed again and I’m back on it!!

The thing is, not only have I got back on it, but I’ve turned into the a “chocolate thief”, if there is any in the house, it’s gone before the kids or husband can even blink their eyes!

So I started to ask myself “why chocolate, why all the time, why now?”

The thing about chocolate (cocao) is that is one of the highest foods on the planet in magnesium and the reason why magnesium is so good is that is that it’s one of the kings of the “vitamins that support mum health” and helps all the below things:

Hormonal/menstrual issues
Sleep problems
And gives your the vital nutrients for energy!

BOOM….that’s me all over at the moment…sick kids….sick household….I need that energy!

So right now I need a bit of help in the magnesium side in my life.

You can get magnesium tablets at chemists or health food shops, make sure you double check with your pharmacist or naturopath (in stores) about whether they are ok to take if you are on other medications or are pregnant!

The tablets make my tummy funny so I go for the magnesium skin lotion and foods high in magnesium which are cocao (in moderation), leafy greens (as always), nuts, beans and whole grains! There is a great range of magnesium creams here:

And well….back to the chocolate topic…I don’t eat the refined sugar stuff…..I eat the ggooooodd stuff……and if you need s transition to “healthy chocolate”, these babies are the bomb!

Will post a picture and details of them tomorrow!!

In the meantime, I want to give two mumma bears a well deserved pressie and give them a block of my favourite chocolate to make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside! First people to say “yes please”, will get them!

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